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Dee2 - Bot, This is a Discord Bot developed by Skybro6789


Dee2 was built for multiple purposes such as but not limited to sending User Joined and user left messages, provide information, and some fun stuff.
Most of Dee2's Functions are automatic like the user joined and user left messages, But Dee2 also has commands!

Automatic Functions

Dee2 does some stuff automatically that help run the Deez Games Discord server


User Joined

First, when a user joins the the discord server Dee2 will send an embed to the member_log channel.
Note this channel is not perceivable without explicit permission
Example image of the embed. All details are replaced with the information from the user who joined

Second, Dee2 sends an embed to the general channel welcoming the user to the server.
Note to be able to see the embed the setting Show website preview info from links pasted into chat under Text & Images must be enabled
Example of Dee2 welcoming Skybro6789

Third, After the embed Dee2 will immediately send a regular message. letting the user know to Check out our #rules page, and keep up with our #news channel for important updates. Message a member of @staff for game channel permissions and have fun! Example image of the embed

If Dee2 ever fails to send a welcome message it means Dee2 is offline for whatever reason. Dee2 will NOT post a welcome message when it goes online again unless the join command is ran by either Skybro6789 or Deez Games.

Fourth and final thing this does is have a chance to trigger the Watcher Easter Egg.

User Left

When a user leaves the discord server the bot sends an embed to the members_log channel.
Example image of the embed. All details are replaced with the information from the user who left

and this also has a chance to trigger the Watcher Easter Egg.

Happy Birthdays

If your birthday is in Dee2's Database on your birth day and month Dee2 will send an embed with a title of HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a field saying Everyone please join us in wishing {user.Username} a Happy {age} Birthday! and a field value saying a random witty statement.
Example image of the happy birthday embed. All details are replaced with the information from the user who's birthday it is.
Users can add themselves to the Birthday Database by the use of the birthday command, Once added they cannot remove themselves and must request removal from Skybro6789 directly.

Note {age} is a randomly generated number from 70 to 120 and not the users actual age


When a user sends a twitch or mixer link in stream_and_uploads(ID 340617793382776843) Dee2 will attempt to get the embed Discord sends with those links and if successful it will send the embed back arranged in a "better" format. This cannot send information that is not already provided by discord in the original embed as this is not using the Mixer or Twitch API. I am developing an improved version of this using the Mixer and Twitch API but this is my workaround until I finish.


Dee2 has a few but useful commands all commands can only be triggered with Dee2's prefix or by mentioning the bot, Dee2's prefix can be changed by a staff member at any time so I will use (prefix) but the current prefix is --
I will be creating a table of commands below organized in the same way I do in the source code, With "modules" and top to bottom.
Dee2 has some commands that require parameters, Parameters wrapped in <> are required and parameters wrapped in [] are optional.


Command Summary Usage Example
test Test command, Does random sometimes horrible stuff, command can only be triggered by bot dev. (prefix)test [run] This changes often (prefix)test
freeze Freezes the bot, command can only be triggered by bot dev. (prefix)freeze [time(in seconds)(this defaults to 0)] (prefix)freeze 300
restart Restarts the bot, command can only be triggered by bot dev. (prefix)restart [time(in seconds)(this defaults to 0)] (prefix)restart 300
shutdown Shuts down the bot, command can only be triggered by bot dev. (prefix)shutdown [time(in seconds)(this defaults to 0)] (prefix)shutdown 300
This command is if a user joins while the bot is offline, command can only be triggered by bot dev or deez games. (prefix)join <usermention> (prefix)join @Skybro6789#5484


Command Summary Usage Example
Adds you to the birthday Database! Date MUST be MM/DD (prefix)birthday <MM/DD> (prefix)birthday 09/27


Command Summary Usage Example
Prefix show's the guilds prefix (prefix)prefix (prefix)prefix
ping Pings the bot to see if its working and tells you the latency auto deletes in 10 seconds (prefix)ping (prefix)ping
info show's some bot info (prefix)info (prefix)info
help Displays the basic help command (prefix)help [command] (prefix)help ping


Command Summary Usage Example
LFG Shows you what you are LFG - (Looking For Group) for and a description about LFG (prefix)lfg (prefix)lfg
LFG Sets you LFG - (Looking For Group) for a specific game (prefix)lfg <game> (prefix)lfg rocket league
LFG Deletes a game you are LFG for using the games ID (you can get the id by the command (prefix)lfg) (prefix)lfg <id> (prefix)lfg 5
LFG Checks if the user you mentioned is LFG for any games that you are (prefix)lfg <user mention> (prefix)lfg @Skybro6789#5484


Command Summary Usage Example
mamount Gives you amount of members in this guild. (prefix)mamount (prefix)mamount
membersof Lists the members of a specified role (prefix)membersof <role name> (prefix)membersof Content Creator
userratio Gets the ratio of users to bots (prefix)userratio (prefix)userratio
roles Gets a users current roles (prefix)roles [user] (prefix)roles @Skybro6789#5484


Command Summary Usage Example
channels Sends the embed of the Community Channels, command can only be triggered by Deez Games & Skybro6789. (prefix)channels (prefix)channels


Command Summary Usage Example
Prefix Sets guild prefix (prefix)prefix <prefix> (prefix)prefix --
perms Lists all Dee2's permissions (prefix)perms (prefix)perms
birthday admin Adds a specific user to the birthday Database! Date MUST be MM/DD (prefix)birthday admin <user> <date(MUST be MM/DD)> (prefix)birthday admin @Skybro6789#5484 09/27
birthday admin check Force Checks if its anyones birthday! (prefix)birthday admin check (prefix)birthday admin check
lfg admin Deletes specified users LFG by ID (prefix)lfg admin <user> <id> (prefix)lfg admin @Skybro6789#5484 5
lfg admin Shows specified users LFGs (prefix)lfg admin <user> (prefix)lfg admin @Skybro6789#5484
embed Embeds your text (this is a relatively long process but Dee2 will walk you through it.. like a baby ) (prefix)embed (prefix)embed

Easter Eggs

I LOVE Easter Eggs in games and in software so I coded some myself in Dee2! If you find an Easter Egg feel free to message Skybro6789 in Discord saying you found one! I will ask you some questions to confirm this (I may ask for proof like a picture or video) and if you are the first one to find that particular Easter Egg I will give you a prize! (prize value depends on rarity of Easter Egg * time spend without being found in months * Difficulty to solve)
If you are found abusing the bot, Spamming the bot, Spamming the discord, Breaking the Discord sever rules, Breaking Discord's TOS, or Cheating you will be disqualified from winning a prize! This is for fun and to award users that are active and pay attention to the discord server! NOT to abuse the bot to win free stuff. Also for every prize given, I will donate money to the community.


No one has found any yet! :(